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Dr. Glen Russell D.B.S. BA.



There are basically two approaches to personal & family counseling. The most common approach is called secular counseling. The other approach is known as Nouthetic Counseling. Nouthetic counseling relies on the authority of the Scriptures. The counselor never bases his recommendations on his own opinions, but instead relies on God's Word.  The Bible, is God's infallible source for information on all human conduct. The Bible declares itself to be the inerrant words of the divine creator.  Who knows better what is best for us than our creator Himself. 

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The most common reason for failure in the home arises from the absence of a consistent standards. You know the old saying "practice makes perfect". When we practice God's time tested standards daily, we have the guarantee from God that our problems will begin to subside. The problem today, is there is usually no consistent standard. The missing link in secular counseling, is the God given reason why we need to change.  Psychologists will often rely on the notion that behavior modification will most likely correct the problem. However, we believe that there is a reason for every "bad act" outlined in the Scriptures. Bad actions left uncorrected will certainly bring about "bad feelings". And in turn "bad feelings" bring about "toxic relationship problems". Many Psychologists rely on psychotropic drugs as the solution for bad behavior. However, there is no scientific evidence available that proves these drugs work to correct the problem. Instead there is a mountain of evidence that suggests they make matters worse, by simply masking the problems. We at Faith Family never give medical advice. However if anyone chooses to investigate for themselves they will find these things to be true.

I’m happy to tell you, there is a better alternative to secular counseling. Nouthetic Counseling. Otherwise known as Biblical Counseling. Biblical counseling differs from secular counseling, because the authority for the counselor rests on God’s Word. God created each and every person regardless of their background. God knows you better than anyone else, and knows exactly what is needed better than anyone else. God is not interested in man's opinions, He has already spelled out exactly what every person needs, to live victoriously. 

Mankind’s greatest need, is a lifelong relationship with their creator. It was why you and I were created in the first place. God desired to have daily relationship with everyone in His creation. Biblical counseling addresses family and personal needs, by addressing this relationship, or the lack thereof. We will teach you how to build this relationship stronger over time. Once the relationship has been established, we teach you how to grow stronger in your faith, by directed Bible studies. The Bible contains an answer to every human problem. God’s Word in the only infallible source for behavior modification. God is not interested in changing our behavior, He is interested in changing our life. Let your faith flourish. Let us help.

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