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Dr. Glen Russell D.B.S. BA.



Almost everyone in society associates personal & family secular counseling with themselves, or their family members, visiting an intimidating environment, where your whole life is laid open for a total stranger to see. Once there, they begin to scrutinize every decision your family has made, both good and bad. And once involved, it almost seems hopeless to think you will ever be free from said counselor. Then the bills begin to pile up, and you begin to decide whether you can continue, or whether the money spent is even worth what you are receiving? This scenario been repeated in countless lives, only to see the family problems continue to repeat despite the counseling. The reasons for the failures are many.  

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The reason for most failures in secular counseling is not the counselor, or the counseled. Instead, secular counseling is flawed in its approach, because it only addresses the surface symptoms of the problem. Often it is suggested that simple behavior modification will solve everything. However, if the root cause is not addressed, the problem will simply resurface later. Many times drugs are introduced to the counseled with the thought that there is some sort of chemical imbalance, which is causing the troubling behavior. Again the root must be clearly identified and addressed if the lives are to be changed.  

I’m happy to tell you, there is a better alternative to secular counseling. Nouthetic Counseling. Otherwise known as Biblical Counseling. Biblical counseling differs from secular counseling because the authority for the counselor rests on God’s Word. God created each and every person regardless of their background. He knows you better than anyone else, and knows what you need better than anyone else. God is not interested in mankind’s opinions, He spelled out exactly what every person needs to live victoriously. 

Mankind’s greatest need, is a lifelong relationship with their creator. It was why you and I were created to start with. God desired to have fellowship with His creation. Biblical counseling addresses family and personal needs, by addressing this relationship. Teaching you how to build this relationship stronger over time. Once the relationship has been established, we simply teach you how to grow stronger in your faith, by directed Bible studies. The Bible contains an answer to every human problem. God’s Word in the only infallible source for behavior modification. God is not interested in changing our behavior, He is interested in changing our life. 

If you or a family member are struggling, let’s talk.  CONTACT US

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